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Australia Day Swim-Raiser

January 21, 2019
Rosey McGrath

Sport Access Foundation has teamed up with Starfish Tri Athletic Club, based at Alexandra Hills in Brisbane, for their inaugural Australia Day 100 x 100m Swim Challenge.

Starfish Club’s co-founders, Ted Britt and Ben Luscombe established the club to provide opportunities for the young and old to get fit and active in the pool, gym and in the sport of triathlon.

Ted said:

"We are a proud community club with members young and old with various levels of ability. Our focus is on being inclusive and open to all. Fundraising for Sport Access Foundation as part of our inaugural swim challenge is a great way to show the community how we work and how everyone can be involved. We’re thrilled to have Katie Kelly, founder of Sport Access Foundation and Paralympian, join us for the event which will be a great motivator for everyone involved.”  

Katie said:

"Australia Day marks Sport Access Foundation’s third year in operation. In that time, we’ve been building greater awareness of our grants programs across the Australian sporting landscape. Club's like StarFish are at the coalface of helping young Australians living with a disability to access sport, and we’re proud to support their Club."

Katie spoke about how Australia is catching up to other nations in providing more opportunities for inclusion at the grassroot level.

"When I talk to Ted and Ben, it is apparent that through their own life experiences that they understand the importance of inclusion in sport. It makes for a better community on all levels and Australians are all the more enriched by embracing and modifying our programs to be truly inclusive. This event makes for a fantastic way to celebrate our great nation (or celebrate as an Australian) on Australia Day."

Get involved in the Starfish Tri Athletic Australia Day Swim Challenge.

Click below to register and for more details.


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