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The Grant Program

Since 2017 the Sport Access Foundation (SAF) annually awards grants of $2000 each for children and teenagers aged 7-17 years with a physical or intellectual disability.

The aim of the grant is to provide financial assistance and support to enable children and teenagers to participate in sporting activities that are otherwise beyond the financial means of that child or their parent(s) or guardian(s).

If you have any questions regarding our Grants or need assistance comleting the application form, please contact us.

Key Dates 2018

Applications for 2018 were open from 23 March until 29 June 2018.
Below you find the Eligibility Criteria 2018 and details about the Selection Process.

Please read the Eligibility Criteria carefully, to see if you can apply for one of our Grants. Remember, this year we have a 4th grant open for a child or teenager from Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander descent living in the Norther Territory!

Applications closed at midnight (AEST), Friday 29 June 2018. Recipients will be announced on Thursday 27 September 2018.

Eligibility Criteria 2018

You can apply if...

you are 7 to 17 years old in the calendar year of the application
you are living with a physical or intellectual disability (* see below for details)
you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident and are residing in Australia
you are participating or are registered as an athlete, coach, umpire or referee in one or more of the following **:
an Australian sport club at the local, regional or state level
a state school sport or state championship
a national school sport or national championships
an international competition as a member of an official Australian team
you have a stated desire to pursue your chosen field of sport
you have shown your aspiration to achieve excellence in your performance
you have demonstrated initiative and commitment to challenge yourself and achieve your goals

This year we are very excited to offer a 4th Grant made possible by the BMD Group. This Grant is specifically dedicated to a child or young person of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent living in the Northern Territory. To be eligible for this grant you need to have an NT home address.

** The sport/competition in which you participate and which your application is related to, must have been endorsed by any of the following official bodies:
Your sport and/or club is registered with a National Sport Organisations (NSOs) and is a member of the Australian Sports Commission
Your state government’s School Sport body e.g. Queensland School Sport, WA School Sport
Your national school sport championships, recognised by School Sport Australia
Your state and/or national championships is recognised by the NSOs
Your international competition is an ASC recognised competition run by your NSO’s international federation

Selection Process

After the closing date Sport Access Foundation (“SAF”) reviews all applications to confirm eligibility before passing on all eligible applications to the SAF Selection Committee. The SAF Selection Committee will decide on a shortlist of applicants.

This shortlist is provided to the SAF Selection Panel. The SAF Selection Panel comprises of 3 individuals in corporate Australia, in sporting Australia and in the community at wide who are independent of the SAF Board and the SAF Selection Committee.

SAF will inform via email all applicants whether their application progressed to the shortlist or not.

If shortlisted for a grant, you will receive an email and we ask you to:

reply to acknowledge the shortlist email within 7 days
provide within 14 days of the shortlist email the following:
two written references which can be a coach, mentor, teacher or employer
a medical certificate verifying the physical or intellectual impairment*
two action photos playing your sport (please provide clear, high quality/resolution photos)
give your consent for Sport Access Foundation to:
announce your full name on SAF social media, web and news as a shortlist member
use the details provided in your application for social media, web and news
Use content from your application, e.g. the reason you stated why you needed the funding
All content is treated with the utmost care, and SAF will only use content, which enables us to educate and promote awareness of why donations and the public support is important.
be willing to participate in an interview (and/or your parent/guardian) – via video-conference (skype)
This will only be necessary, should an SAF Selection Committee member wish to do this.

SAF will contact all shortlisted applicants by email or phone call to inform them, whether their application was successful, and they will receive a grant, or not.

Grant recipients will need to accept all T&Cs of the contract and application process. T&C include conditions on how grants can be spent and what proof/documentation must be provided to SAF about the acquired services or products.

SAF endeavours to communicate any progress throughout the selection process. However we are not able to give any information about individual applications or a date for the announcement of the shortlist.

The decisions of the Sports Access Foundation for the grants are final and there is no appeal process for unsuccessful applicants. However, unsuccessful applicants may apply for future grants offered by Sport Access Foundation.

*You are considered as having a disability if:

you have an impairment or condition that is likely to be permanent (i.e. it is likely to be life long, even if it varies in intensity) and
your impairment substantially reduces your ability to participate effectively in activities or perform tasks or actions unless you:
receive assistance from other people or
have assistive technology or equipment (other than common items such as glasses) or
have additional resources available for specific transport requirements, a carer , expenses, which are incurred due to your condition etc.
An impairment that varies in intensity e.g. because the impairment is of a chronic episodic nature, may still be permanent, despite the variation.
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