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Funds raised by Sport Access Foundation go towards providing financial assistance - through annual grants - for key sports projects and events for Australian kids who have a disability.

Grants will also help to provide products or services to that will enable disabled children better access to participate in a local sporting club or activity. Grants will be given to provide financial assistance and support to enable children with a physical disability to participate in sporting activities that are otherwise beyond the financial means of that child or their parent(s) or guardian(s), including to provide financial assistance for the following:

the costs of travelling to and from sporting events and training;
the costs of participating in sporting events including participation, entry or enrolment fees;
the purchase of specialist sport equipment or clothing;
the purchase of protective or adaptive equipment; and
the costs of consulting with health professionals to develop an appropriate sporting program for that child;
engage and coordinate with other institutions to provide that child with support and access to appropriate sporting programs, sporting activities and other resources to help them achieve their sporting goals (particularly in their local communities); and
to solicit donations, gifts, bequests and other forms of financial assistance to further, or for the benefit of, these objects (including by conducting fundraising initiatives); and
all matters incidental to and ancillary to the above mentioned objects (including in relation to generating alternate revenue sources through social enterprise and commercial activity)
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