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Being part of a team is what Sophie loves about Goalball

May 31, 2021
Sport Access Foundation

There’s no stopping Sophie Weaver. She applied for a grant in 2020, and we were thrilled to help her continue her involvement in Goal Ball.

Living with ocularcutaneous albinism means Sophie is legally blind and her sight limited to a few inches, as well as needing to protect herself from the sun.

That’s where Goal Ball has been a fantastic sport for her to compete in.

What is Goal Ball?

Goalball is a sport exclusively for athletes with a vision impairment.

The aim is to roll the ball into the opponent’s goal while the opposing players try to block the ball with their bodies.

Bells inside the ball help to orientate the players by indicating the direction of the oncoming ball. While play is in progress, complete silence is required in the venue to allow the players to concentrate and react instantly to the ball.

Goalball is played by male and female athletes with a vision impairment and athletes wear blackout masks on the playing court. This allows athletes with varying degrees of vision to participate together. The game consists of two halves of 10 minutes each.

Find out more at Goal Ball Australia

Goal Ball NSW Competition

Sophie competed in the Goal Ball NSW City Cup final over the weekend and had a fantastic day scoring a personal best record number of goals.

Sophie can’t wait to watch the Paralympics and enjoys all the sports on offer.

We also Sophie who her favourite sporting team, and no surprise here – it’s the Aussie Belles Goal Ball Team who will be competing in Tokyo.

Thanks Sophie and all the best with your upcoming competitions.


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