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Michellie Jones told me a Gold Medal would change my life

January 23, 2017
Katie Kelly OAM

Dear Friends, Family and Supporters of Team KK!

People ask me what was it's like to win a Gold Medal. The best way to answer that is to describe what a Gold Medal means.

Michellie Jones told me a Gold Medal would change my life. I came to realise that when I met young girl named Ruby in December 2016. 

Ruby always loved to run with her local Little Athletics Club. However, due to an illness she lost her eye sight and is now blind. To access and participate in the sport she so enjoys, Ruby needs support.

I met Ruby at the time I was struggling a little with what I felt like was more vision loss. Then, there I was chatting to this vibrant, energetic young 9 year old who just wants to play and do what she loves doing. A young girl who has endured so much in her own life and all she wanted to know was what it was like doing Paratriathlon. Katie, she asked ‘What tethers do you use with your Guide?’, ‘What is your Guide Michellie like? And so on.

And with that, I began to realise more clearly what that Gold Medal means.

Today is a very special moment, to be reaching out to you all to the launch of our new Foundation, Sport Access Foundation.

Sport Access Foundation has been established to provide grants to Australian children with a disability, so that they may have an opportunity to play and participate in sport.

Sport Access Foundation is for children like Ruby. To participate in the sport she loves, Ruby needs a Guide, tethers and access to Vision Impaired sporting activities. This will help her well-being, her connectedness and her sense of purpose and belonging.

Sport Access Foundation has some big goals, but for now we want to make a direct impact and help children like Ruby. To do this we are providing three grants to the value of $2,000 to children with a disability aged between 7 and 17 years of age.

I hope you will join me by supporting Sport Access Foundation and working towards getting more Australian children who have a disability into sport. To show your support, you can make a tax deductible donation now.


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