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Paralympian, Bronze medallist - Col Pearse

September 11, 2021
Sport Access Foundation

Col applied for our Inaugural Sport Access Foundation Pathway to Paralympics Grant when he was 15 years old.

He told us at “26 months old I suffered a trauma following a collision with a ride on lawn mower. My right foot was severely injured and was ultimately amputated.”

At the time Col was training with the Geelong Swimming Club, travelling from his parent’s dairy farm at Echuca, VIC.

“I am a swimmer, and I have been competing at national level meets for several years. Each year I compete at national meets held interstate and five state meets a year. There is significant travel involved to attend meets interstate, as well accommodation.

Col was very clear on his goal and determination to excel in his sport.

“My goal is to represent my country at major international swim meets -particularly the Paralympic Games. I do 9 sessions a week, and have been swimming in national competitions since I was 11 years. I am committed to my training, and do everything possible to ensure I will be able to achieve my goals. However, the financial costs of swimming at these national meets brings significant financial challenges to my parents who are dairy farmers which has its own challenges.
He told us that “Receiving this grant would help me achieve my goals and compete at the highest level.”

Congratulations Col and we are all so proud.


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