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The Chairperson's Report for 2018 - Now Available

November 22, 2018
Katie Kelly OAM

The Canadian born Jean Vanier, a philosopher and advocate for people and children with disabilities said,

“when children are loved, they live off trust; their bodies and hearts open up to those who respect and love them, who understand and listen to them.”

Sport Access Foundation now in its second year, core mission is to remove barriers to ensure our young Australians living with a disability can access sport.

The reality is, our mission is much deeper than that.

We exist to serve our young Australians, and as a Board, to exercise our individual gifts and capacity to build a greater, more connected community that empowers and strengthens our young children.

Children with a disability teach us to be vulnerable and to accept our weaknesses. By doing this we are true to our purpose and to making a difference.

2018 grants

In just 12 months, the number of applications for Sport Access Foundation grants increased from 27 in 2017 to 100 in 2018. This highlights the pressing need to help youngAustralians with disabilities, from all across Australia, to access sport. Costs associated with sport are experienced by all, but our young children and their families have added challenges and extra support is needed to guarantee they can fully engage in their chosen sport.

Grant funding

2018 Grants opened inFebruary and we were delighted to have the support of The June Canavan which supports programs that drive sustainable change through sports, access, health, education and conservation. The June Canavan Foundation provided $6,000 to fund the three grants. Thank you to Chairperson, Anne Gripper and to all of theBoard at The June Canavan Foundation for your support in our 2018 grants.

To read full report, please click the button below.


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