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The Chairperson's Report for 2019 - Now Available

December 9, 2019
Katie Kelly OAM

Young Australians living with a disability face many hurdles not only due to their disability, but also the challenges they face in the day to day. Facing these challenges each day is tiring and creates overtime frustration, and a sense of isolation in not being able to enjoy what their able body friends have access to.

One of these challenges is their ability to access and enjoy sport. This year we asked our applicants if they could write a letter to the CEO of Sport Australia and the Minister of Sport, what would they like to say.

Reading through these comments we are reminded of the significant gaps that still exists and the barriers to their participation in sport. Here are just a handful of comments:

"Wheelchair racing in Queensland is almost non existent! There is a lack of coaching and support for the sport here. This means we are travelling interstate regularly to attend camps and receive coaching. To find a coach or club in Queensland who will support my goals and help me get there would be amazing!"
"I would like to express that clubs need help and training in how they can support kids (and adults) with disabilities. My previous sporting club did not know how to best support me and instead of encouraging me to do my best they put me down until we changed clubs."
"Sports participation reduces the effected of isolation for those living with and caring for an individual with a disability. In some circumstances clubs do not exist for children with high risk behaviours and as such they can not participate in mainstream sports clubs or associations. By supporting [such children] with a grant you are acknowledging diversity in sport, encouraging participation in non traditional sports programs and encouraging carers to consider innovative sports and recreation programs for children whose disability limits their community access."

The common themes of barriers to access to sport are the access in terms of equipment and clubs that have the capacity to offer modified and integrated programs, the need to educate and support the coaches and volunteers and the costs to participate due to the equipment required.

To read the report in full, you can download it below.


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